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CBD oils and the legal position

8th January 2019

There has been a massive increase in the number of people using CBD oil medicinally over the last few years. There is still some confusion over the legality of CBD oil and the situation can be confusing. Many people are hesitant to engage with CBD oil products, despite overwhelming anecdotal evidence about the benefits to health and wellbeing.

CBD oil has become legalised within the last 18 months. There are currently 63 legal and EU approved hemp strains in the CBD industry. Provided the oil has been derived from one of these products and is being sold for medicinal use in a regulated way then it is legal. Oils from these specific hemp strains are not considered a controlled substance.

THC is the chemical constituent part of a cannabis plant that gives users the ‘high’. The levels of THC in a CBD oil is heavily restricted and the current legal limit is 0.2%. Any CBD oils, CBD drops, CBD Oils, Paste, Balm or other products containing more than 0.2% of THC are strictly prohibited. Those people looking to create and manufacture their own CBD oils should be very careful and endeavour not to fall foul of these laws. Buying medicinal CBD oils and other products from a reputable seller should always be a top priority.

Changes in the UK legal position have seen a massive increase in high street shops and online retailers offering legal CBD oil at reasonable rates. Hesitation around legality is giving way to consumer acceptance of this product and 2018 saw the opening of brick-and-mortar shops. In February 2018 health food shop ‘Holland & Barrett’ became the first large chain to stock CBD oils and associated products.

2019 will no doubt see further expansion in this emerging market as consumer confidence in the product grows. The ideological war around cannabis plants continues unabated with strong opinions on both sides. But campaigners around CBD oils and associated products can claim a well-earned victory at this juncture. Whether the cannabis plant itself will ever be completely legalised is a fight for another day, but for those people routinely using CBD oil for medicinal use, 2018 has been a welcome year.

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