Here you will gather a better understanding about cannabidol (CBD). These articles will explain how CBD works in the body and what benefits you can expect when supplementing with CBD products. 

CBD for your pet ?

1st March 2019
The benefits of CBD oil for your pets CBD is not only increasing in popularity with human patients, but felines and canines too! With more and more pet-owners safely and responsibility adding products to their furry friend’s diet [] the proliferation of the treatment means there’s no better time to

CBD products supporting migraine sufferers?

29th January 2019
CBD and Marijuana Historically, a number of Marijuana users have reported that Marijuana use reduced their frequency of migraines and related aura symptoms. This was supported by research in 2016 ( that identified medical Marijuana extracts could possibly be of benefit to anyone suffering from chronic pain such as Arthritis. CBD, although only

CBD oils and the legal position

8th January 2019
There has been a massive increase in the number of people using CBD oil medicinally over the last few years. There is still some confusion over the legality of CBD oil and the situation can be confusing. Many people are hesitant to engage with CBD oil products, despite overwhelming anecdotal evidence about the benefits to health and wellbeing.CBD oil has become legalised within the last 18 months.


11th December 2018
How do I take CBD? The beauty with CBD is the many different ways it can be absorbed into the body. This flexibility in consumption has produced a variety of CBD products for different consumer preferences. CBD can be ingested as CBD drops, CBD tincture and other consumables including baked products. Ingestion is probably the most common way that frequent users consume CBD.Inhalation is another way

What is CBD

24th March 2018
What is Cannabidiol? Cannabidol also known as CBD is a cannabinoid, one of 113 compounds that make up the cannabis plant.  It is a major phyto-cannabinoid making up to 40% of the plant’s extract.  There are phyto-cannabinoids meaning cannabinoids that have come from the cannabis and hemp plant and endo-canabinoids meaning cannabinoids produced naturally in the body.  Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol

CBD and cancer

24th March 2018
CBD and cancer I’ve been asked the same question a thousand times, does CBD oil cure cancer? At UK CBD we distribute food supplements not medicine our products are not meant to treat or cure any disease. However, there are ongoing studies throughout the world on the links between CBD and cancer.  People have posted a multitude of success stories. However, the scientific evidence is not yet conclusive
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